Current Leader: King Konstantin Zanilia VII
Official Language: Rečhladno, Common
Population:: 1,040,000 (Humans), ~110,000 (Kobalds)
Race(s): Humans, Kobalds
Capital: Gradzamrznutog’vrha

Summary of the Castvo Vrhova

The The Castvo Vrhova is a dualistic state of Sopzczowik and Hintermane ruled by a common monarch. It is a large and populous country occupying a large portion of Velikadžbina, with a sometimes problematic mix of Human and Pony populations. The Empire was created and declared after the final battle of The War of the Hoofguard, when the Lord Aster Light and his combined army were decimated at The Battle of Concordia Plains and forced to sign the Articles of Harmonious Union by the Castohovan Władcackór, the first member of the currently enthroned Zanilia family, Dershevsky Dreshkismov Zanilia, who was later established as Książę z Ziemi, or Duke of the Earth.

The Empire possesses features unique among contemporary states. Its political system is characterized by non-existent checks upon monarchical power. These checks are enacted by a legislature (Gromadzenie Górach) controlled by the nobility (ziemscy). The current system is a precursor to a potentially democratic system, although the government, nor for that matter the populace is particularly open to the prospect. The two component states of the Empire are formally equal, yet Sopzczowik is the dominant partner in the Empire.

The Castohova is marked by a high level of racial diversity and by an terrible religious intolerance, supposedly guaranteed by the Religious Agreement of the Kingdom, 1700; however, the degree of religious freedom is almost non-existant.

After a few decades of prosperity, it has entered a period of protracted political, military and economic decline. Its growing weakness has led to a fear of potential partitioning among its more powerful neighbors during the late 18th and 19th century.

Royal Family and Military

King MIkhail IV at the head of his warhost.





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