Dalbonde Mercenary Company

Dalbonde Mercenary Company

Current Leader: Mercenary Captain Jurgen Dalbonde (Equestria) Emperor Kaine Orren (Midheim)
Official Language: Common, Dwarven, Nordic
Race(s): Human(Kargothian and Scandanavian), Dwarves, Elves
Captial: New Kargoth (Equestria), Kargoth (Midheim)
Population: 35,000 Humans, 10,000 Dwarves, 5,000 Elves (Equestria), 2,172,000 Humans, 846,000 Dwarves, 458,000 Elves (Midheim)
Government: Absolute Monarchy (Overall) Republic (Holds)
Religion(s): No Official Religion
Imports: Wheat, Fruit, Dried Meat, Salt, Spices, Metal, Redstone
Exports: Soldiers, Arms, Armour, Precious Metals, Precious Gems, Stone, Lumber, Coal
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

The Dalbonde Mercenary Company is a small army-sized unit of both mercenaries and Imperial troops representing the Kargothian Empire. The ‘company’ was sent to explore new lands far to the South of the continent of Midheim. The expedition to the new lands is led by Mercenary Captain Jurgen Dalbonde, one of the twelve warlords of the conquered Scandinavian nations, who is a captain only in title. Captain Dalbonde holds under his command a veteran force of Scandinavian mercenaries, Dwarven engineers, Kargothian Legionnaires as well as newly recruited auxiliaries from Kargothian lands. Though the Kargothian Empire is powerful, its gaze is still held on its own continent, as its armies fight to assimilate the Jarkovi Highlanders from their strongholds in the South. This drain on resources, as well as the two-month journey to the new lands, limits their ability to move large numbers of manpower to the new lands. The amount of material wealth gained from the outposts in the new land however, are enough to warrant a large-sized garrison force in those portions of land already claimed in the name of Kargoth.

The Kargothian Empire started its life as an upstart city-state, much like the rest of the lands almost 200 years earlier. Over time, it grew in power until it went from being Kargoth, to the Kingdom of Kargoth. Then 76 years ago, under the direction of King Viktor Orren, the Kingdom of Kargoth advanced into the warring Scandinavian states, swiftly bringing them under the common banner of what would now be the Kargothian Empire in a matter of 10 years. Although the nations were assimilated, King Viktor Orren did not disband their armies, and dismiss the nobles; instead he allowed them to keep their titles, their lands, and their armies, so long as they remained true to the Empire. The Empire expanded to the South once more, slowly bringing nations under their banner until the death of Viktor Orren 26 years ago. Upon his death, his son Kaine Orren was sworn in as the Emperor of the Kargothian Empire. Under Emperor Kaine Orren, the wars to the South ceased, and attention was paid to the Dwarven city-states to the West. Each was independent of each other, and held onto that independence so selfishly, that they did not come to each others’ aid when the legions of the Kargothian Empire were turned upon them, one by one. Within 15 years, the Dwarven city-states were assimilated into the Empire, each conquered nation once again retaining its national image. Emperor Orren then formed a council of Dwarves from the brightest minds of all the city-states, and united them. Together, they ushered in a new Golden Age of technological advancement. Gunpowder was turned into a weapon, ships were powered by mechanical engines, and mechanical creations named golems stomped onto the battlefield. With these new inventions, the island states surrounding the mainland were swiftly conquered, as well as those nations foolish enough to resist on the mainland. The Elves to the East negotiated an agreement with the Empire, giving troops in exchange that the industrialized Empire not expand into their lands. Only the Jarkovi Highlanders to the South remain an opponent to the Empire, hidden in the hills and mountains of the South, and fighting a guerrilla war.

The Kargothian Empire is a very civilized, and ordered Empire. Each year a census is taken of each hold, counting the number of humans, dwarves, and elves residing there. Taxes are collected monthly from each household, funding the social programs of the Empire, as well as its industry. All roads lead to Kargoth they say, and there are very few roads that are not safe, as the legions of the Emperor patrol them day and night to ensure the safety of the travelers, and trade caravans. Trade flourishes between the holds and city-states of the lands, and the major trade hubs are cauldrons of diversity.

Dalbonde Mercenary Army

The Kargothian military is made up of several different races, and nationalities. The largest of these are the Kargothians themselves, and the southern nations with whom they share their culture.

Line Infantry: The main force, and backbone of the Imperial Army are the Legionnaires. Heavy infantry, the legionnaires wear heavy segmented iron armour, and carry large scutum shields. They are armed with 2 to 3 pila (singular pilum) for medium range combat, and a short sword and heavy dagger for hand-to-hand combat. The legionnaires are highly trained, professional soldiers who drill day and night. Those deployed to Equestria are veterans of the Jarkovi Conflicts.

Scandinavian Infantry: Hired from the lands of the Empire, mercenary infantry units consist of a conglomerate of troops from different races, nations, and lifestyles. The most common of all mercenary troops are the Scandinavians. Brought up in the cold, harsh land of Scandinavia, these troops are hardy individuals, used to living and fighting in adverse conditions. They are most commonly protected by leather or fur armour, with those who can afford it wearing coats of chainmail. They prefer axes over spears or swords, and heavy throwing spears over bows. They carry into battle with them large round shields made of wood, and covered with leather. These men strike fast and hard, preferring to close with their enemy as soon as possible.

Kargothian Musketeers: A new addition to the army are the musketeers. Wielding redstonelock muskets designed by the Dwarven inventors of the Empire, the crude firearms shoot metal projectiles at a deadly speed with reliable (40%)accuracy up to 30 paces. These projectiles pierce all but well-made Dwarven armours at reliable range consistently. Musketeers are protected by a simple but sturdy breastplate of iron, and an iron helmet, armed only with a longsword to protect themselves in hand-to-hand combat.

Skirmisher Infantry: The skirmishers of the Army screen the advance of the line infantry with arrows and bolts. They are armed with several different types of bows, including the longbow,and the composite bow. They are also armed with crossbows, depending on the unit. Skirmishers are generally lightly armoured troops, wearing leather armour, and carrying a short sword of hand-to-hand combat.

Dwarven Cavalry: The mobile shock troops of the Imperial Army, the Dwarven cavalrymen ride into battle on the backs of domesticated bears. Clad in heavy Dwarven armour, and wielding all manner of weaponry, ranged and melee, the Dwarven Cavalry are a force to be feared. In rough terrain, the cavalrymen can dismount and fight on foot, acting as heavy infantry, as well as musketeers.

Dalbonde Mercenary Company

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